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Sessions with Animals

"I was extremely impressed with Tameer and how well my horses responded to her healing energy.  She shared insightful and in-depth information about the horses’ individual conditions, both physical and emotional. 
She was very accurate and quick to determine where their physical pain or discomfort was located. Amazingly it mirrored many of my dressage riding issues I have dealt with over the years. 

My Dutch horse has always had resistance and stiffness to the left side for turning and bending.  Tameer found him to be contracted on the right side and after the Craniosacral Energy work he felt much more free and forward in his movement.

With my other horse, the saddle had always slipped to the right causing me to ride crooked. Without knowing this, Tameer assessed him and found his pelvis was rotated to the left.

Both horses were very calm, relaxed and peaceful during and after their sessions. Thank You.        S W   Courtenay, B.C.

"Tameer’s skills work equally well with people and animals.  I have observed dogs with fractured hips heal remarkably quickly .. and emotionally disturbed pets calm down after a single session. A J  Scotland

"From 2007-2013 Tameer  did volunteer hands-on and emergency distance sessions with animals in need, at Care for Dogs rescue center in Chiangmai, Thailand.  A huge Thanks, Tameer, for working with our beloved four-legged friends".  

Karin Hawelka     


Comments from staff at the rescue center ....

"Lenny was very weak with swollen joints and Parvo virus.  Today, after your distance session with him, he is more cheerful and more open to contact.  He greeted me with a wagging tail, a

direct result of your treatment!    It’s amazing."

2 weeks later .. "How did you know we were treating him for pneumonia?  Although he still has some difficulty breathing, he is much better!  He still walks a bit stiff like a robot, but overall much easier than before.  He has more energy, is more alert, is eating a lot, and for the first time he started to play and interact with other puppies! Much more tail wagging."

"We rescued Mued, a black 5 year-old Labrador, from a life in a small cage where he was kept all day and night.  He had distemper and stones in his bladder and penis, a very dangerous situation.  After your distance session the vet told us he was better, no more blood in his urine and he can pee normally!"

2 weeks later .. "Good news. Mued is much better, definitely on the road to recovery - eating well and looking very good!  We are so relieved!  Thanks for your healing work, Tameer."

"Jo Jo struggled for 8 weeks with very severe Kennel cough, getting weaker and weaker.  After your distance session, the coughing eased almost immediately and within 2 days it had stopped all together .. very impressive.  Saying Thank You doesn’t seem quite enough, so we send a big lick from a very bouncy Jo Jo xx".

2 weeks later .. "JoJo has completely recovered from her cough and yesterday she was adopted by a wonderful family. "

From Tameer ..

 I found Hannah, one of more than 60 street dogs, at the Care for Dogs rescue center in Chiangmai, Thailand.  Six months earlier she had been hit by a car and left for dead.  I chose her because she was so happy and full of joy.  When she came home with me, she had only 2 front legs with which to get around.  Her spine was severely curved and contracted.  One back leg was a stump, cut off at the hip, and the other was withered, dragging behind her like a wet noodle.  Within a week after daily 30 minute treatments, her spine had uncurved and elongated out. 

 After a year of weekly sessions, the muscles in her withered back limb began to strengthen to the point where she could stand on the leg.  Such is the body's capacity for healing itself!  Unfortunately she wasn't able to figure out how to walk upright on 3 legs .. too much time had passed.  I had a cart custom made so she could scoot around upright (seen in photo).  However, we lived in the jungle.  She preferred to use only her 2 front legs to get around, and was remarkably fast.  Although she was incontinent and had to receive daily stump bandaging, Hannah experienced immense joy in her life .. and she shared it generously with everyone around her.  She taught me that happiness is a choice.   She lived with me for 5 years before life became too much for her. 

 I have also had the privilege of working with retired race horses in Asia that were rescued from abusive environments.  Invariably, they were responsive, able to self-correct mis-alignments in their spine, pelvis  and limbs .. while releasing related emotional and physical traumas, and memories from their bodies.  Easily and gracefully.  Amazing experience to be of support in their healing processes.

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