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 Tameer is a registered Biodynamic CranioSacral practitioner (RCST® BCST) and has received hands-on training in a variety of Emotional and Energetic Clearing techniques.  She is also a trained artist, sharing her passion for self (healing) expression through art.


The naturally occurring self-healing ability of your body, mind and spirit is truly the world's greatest healer.


We are all self-healing beings, it is our nature.  Health and well-being are dominant and ever present, no matter how chronic or terminal the symptoms of illness or dis-ease may appear or feel.


Working with our breath, and our "meridian" and "chakra" systems, we learn techniques that can boost our energy and clear whatever might be interrupting the flow of our chi.  Meridians are pathways along which our energy flows throughout the body.  Chakras are gateways through which energy flows in and out of the body affecting our well-being. 


The focused intention is always to support the body to free itself of pain while bringing itself into balance and alignment .. emotionally, energetically, physically and spiritually.


Every living being has life force (also called chi and prana) which distributes vital energy to all the cells and tissues of the body. There is a membrane, like a delicate sack, that surrounds the brain, spine and nervous system. This membrane contains chi- filled cranio sacral fluids.  These fluids move like a tide from the cranium (head bones) down to the sacrum (tail bone area) and then back up again, distributing life force throughout the body. Uninterrupted, this “chi” energy maintains our bodies' health and well being, supporting the ongoing process of healing.  Craniosacral Energy Balancing encourages and enhances your body's natural self-healing and self-regulating abilities.



With soft receptive hands and a compassionate heart, Tameer listens to your body's history of health.  From a place of deep stillness, she converses and connects with your body's natural resources of health and well-being.In response, your body brings to awareness one or more unresolved issues or traumas.  Commonly experienced as tension or pain, these issues are most often the result of emotional or psychological stress, physical injury, or over exertion.   When left unresolved, areas of interruption and contraction develop which disturb the flow of your life energies.  Such energy disturbances are called illness or dis-ease.Fortunately, at the core of  these traumas there is health which cannot be lost of destroyed .. and is always accessible.A typical session ..cranio sacral hands-on energy balancing with TameerWhen you cut your finger and it heals, you are the one who healed you.  Self-healing is an entirely normal and natural process.excerpted from The PSYHIC HEALING BOOK by Amy Wallace and Bill HenkinConditions that benefit:anything spine or joint related .. herniated discs, pinched nerves, vertebrae       mis-alignment, joint and vertebrae compressionwhiplash, TMJ, headachesorgan weakness or dis-easePMS, prostate problems, sciaticaemotional, physical stress and exhaustionenergy or chakra imbalanceany of above for new borns, infants, children, invalids and animalsTypical

hands on Cranio Sacral Energy Balancing SessionThe session begins with an interactive energy "humming" sequence designed to engage and enhance the flow of energy along pathways called meridians.  Following this, you lie down fully clothed, relaxing onto a comfortable mattress.With hands gently cradling your head, Tameer listens to the flow of your life force housed in the cranio sacral fluids that surround your brain, spine and nervous system.  Your body brings to awareness its chosen unresolved issue.From a state of quiet "presence", she acknowledges the issue, viewing it from a base of extensive technical, intuitive and hands-on knowledge to facilitate the healing process.   As needed, subtle non-invasive invitations and suggestions are offered to help restore balance to areas of disturbance.  This also facilitates the release of physical and emotional trauma and shock held in the cells and energy of your bones, muscles and organs.  With great respect she observes and supports each uniquely relevant step in the process of healing as it unfolds, taking care not to influence or interfere.This time together is only the beginning of the healing process.  The work begun by your body continues on its own  .. over hours, days or even weeks .. until the issue is resolved or your body can go no further on its own.The session finishes with resolution and balance, deep relaxation and a delicious sense of well-being.                Session is 1 1/2 hours.Distance healing facilitation is also available and equally as effective.  
Craniosacral Therapy is useful to treat and support:

Chronic Neck & Back Pain

Migraines, Headaches & Concussion

Stress and Tension-Related Discomfort



Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Overwhelmed Nervous System

Physical and Emotional Trauma / Pain

Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue 

TMJ Syndrome

Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery

Pre & Post Surgery Support / Palliative Care

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