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Distance Sessions

"Thank you so much for your distance help from Canada. You facilitated my body to create more space and comfort for my baby to turn himself from a breech to a head down position just a few days before a scheduled c-section.  With your support before, during, and after the birthing process, everything went well and quickly, and I was able to leave the hospital the day after I gave birth to my son."     M F  Switzerland

" I have been very fortunate to experience Tameer’s long-distance healing.  My own direct experiences have resulted in the easing of tensions, significant reduction in unpleasant symptoms of this or the other discomforts.  A profound feeling of peace and well-being generally accompany every session.  I sleep well and am enabled to go about my days restored to higher level of functioning that I experienced before my Tameer session.  Thank you, Tameer!
Also, a long-time friend of mine cleared suspected lung cancer with Tameer’s help, again long-distance.  This friend avoided having 2 lobes of her lung surgically removed as a result of the healing she did with Tameer.    
D S W   Hong Kong

"At first I was not sure if a long distance session would really work from Thailand to Chicago, USA.  To my surprise when the session started I could feel a shift in me as if Tameer was by my side working with my body and spirit. I have had many many sessions with her and find the transformations to be strong and true. 

I have tried many different healing professionals and have not found what I have with Tameer.  I feel more grounded, clear and on purpose with my life after working with her.  Even when issues come up, I seem to look at them in a more mature way and address the issue with ease and right action.  Tameer is gifted in her work and offers her heart and soul in each session.M W  USA

" Thank you so much, Tameer, for helping my 12 yr old son to calm his nerves during exams, over distance.   And more important, teach him to understand his body more and how to cope with pressure to reduce triggering his weak respiratory system whenever life is getting too complicated for his young mind to handle. "     E C  Hong Kong

"My distance session with Tameer was one of the most profound healing experiences I have received.  I knew that in order to move beyond the fears I was experiencing and their tangible effect on many aspects of my wellbeing I needed to talk them over with someone who could understand and with whom I felt completely safe.  Tameer is such a person. 

From the first moment and throughout the session I felt gently held so that I could release the tension I needed to.  She knew exactly what to say throughout and offered guidance to support the process on my own, afterwards.  With her intuition and open heart Tameer created the possibility for me to move through an extraordinary transformation.   She is magical.   Thank you again Tameer."     T W  Canada     

"Tameer possesses an extremely unique ability to fully and instinctively visualize and comprehend the many seemingly confusing connections between mind and body.  And it is distance!  Her approach made me feel immediately at ease.  
I felt completely open to her supportive guidance and accepting, when my visualizations took me where they would.  
The importance of such an exercise, and the realization that this was just a beginning, might have been somewhat daunting were it not for Tameer’s innate ability to safeguard, love and gently guide me through my often formidable physical and emotional walls.  My sleep that night was the best I had had in many, many months. 
Tameer allows me to see my progress as my whole being moving - disparate pieces, collectively together – instead of fragmented parts of a soul, a mind, a body or a heart.  After decades of compartmentalizing these shards of “my self”, it is a relief to have them begin the process of reunification. Her intuitive gift of seeing me, not a mere template or generalized description of me, was key.  I realize this is but a beginning; but a better one I could not have asked for.  There truly is no sense of “distance” in this process; it is as close at hand as you allow it to be.

"Sessions with amazing and gentle Tameer are one of a kind and ever changing, if you allow your bodies to “do what they need to do”, in the moment.  The first “hands on sessions” were mostly physical, my spine aligned and I physically  “grew” about 1 cm! 
Our long distance sessions are just as powerful and can be done while in the comfort of my own home, nice!  I often fall asleep afterwards, although I am fully present during the session!  For me all the sessions have facilitated my mental and spiritual development, and still my body has adjusted further into perfect health. Thank you Tameer!
J M  Hong Kong

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