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The Early Years

From 1970-74 I unexpectedly found myself backpacking overland with my partner through SE Asia at a
time when there were no travel books, internet shops or cellphones .. when postcards took a
to arrive. 

What began as a 3-month trip to Europe expanded into an unexpected, amazing 4 year overland
adventure into the unknown. We traveled village to village on local transportation, from Turkey to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Persia, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and finally Japan and Hawaii
.  Our journey throughout mystical, magical SE Asia provided an endless parade of mind/soul challenging and expanding experiences. 

Soon after returning home to Canada I delivered our son, Rogan, who was born with an innate natural capacity to love freely, without judgement.  He taught me that, at our core, we are all pure love.

Over the years I have been blessed with numerous unique, international opportunities to travel, study and share through healing.

Education and Experience

Healing Modalities
2004 - Qualified as a registered CranioSacral Biodynamics Therapist (BCST).  My gifted instructors were Bhadrena Tschumi and Kavi Gemin, co-directors of the International Institute for Biodynamic CranioSacral Balancing in Bern, Switzerland (ICSB). 
900 hours of training were provided which meets international standards of professional CranioSacral Associations (IABT, BCTA/NA, CSTA/UK, Cranio Suisse®, ACSI) in Europe and North America.

2005 - Participated in advanced CranioSacral Biodynamic trainings in Trauma Resolution, and Prenatal/Perinatal Birth Dynamics.
2013 - Attended a 28-hour workshop titled the Embryo in Us, presented by Dr. Jaap van der Wal, PhD, a medical doctor and retired professor of Anatomy and Embryology at the University of Maastricht, Holland.

My own personal healing and spiritual awakening journey began in 1985 when I first traveled to ashrams in India. 
This exploration and passion for presence and self-healing continues to this day.  Over the past 35 years I have received hands-on trainings in a variety of Energy Medicine therapies including EFT, Reiki, Quantum Touch, and Breath and Visualization techniques.

May 2018 - Certified as an Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) practitioner.  I continue to explore and participate in related advanced energy medicine workshops and programs to expand my knowledge and experience.

1999 - present.   I have facilitated individual and group healing sessions internationally.  I have a special interest in and considerable experience working with children and adults with a variety of special needs .. my grandson, Mylo, is on the autism spectrum.


Throughout this time I have offered simple accessible energy and art workshops to children and adults of all ages and abilities.   I particularly enjoy working with beloved pets, horses, and all other animals (domesticated and wild). 

"Within a week after Tameer's treatments, my (4 yr old autistic) daughter's performance in school improved significantly. She is now calmer, happier, gives more feedback and has better eye contact."  W Y   Hong Kong 



1990  Received a Diploma of Fine Arts from Emily Carr Institute (now College) of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada .. with a Sculpture/Mixed Media major.

As a visual artist, my personal healing journey has naturally included creative expression.  This has prompted me to share my process and love of art as a therapeutic tool with others, off and on, for thirty years privately and in community.  I served multiple terms on the Board of Directors for the Vancouver Public Dreams Society, in its early years.

1990-95  Founded and directed EUREKA, a Fine Arts non-profit organization for adult artists with severe disabilities in Vancouver.  They had multiple physical, mental and/or emotional challenges.  Adapted assistive art tools were designed and created by volunteer engineers and student designers from the community; the artist participants  were individually mentored by local professional and student artists.

In the studio, we watched our Eureka artists develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of who they were, beyond their apparent disabilities, as they expressed feelings and ideas in tangible form.  They experienced themselves as purposeful whole beings with unique talents, often for the first time.  Their lives became rich with potential and possibilities.  All involved benefited from the collective experience beyond words!

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