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All about reprogramming your nervous system's response to stress ...
I bring extensive experience and training to group settings.  The environment is hands-on, playful and fun. 
No previous skill or knowledge is required for any of the workshops.


Our bodies are designed to heal themselves and remain healthy, assisted by the uninhibited flow of our life force energy (also called chi or prana).  This energy is constantly moving in and out of our bodies to interact with the energies of people and living things around us.

Together we explore simple hands-on Energy Medicine tools that optimize our immune system and calm our nervous system as we learn to let go of, and re-program, our overwhelmed response to stress.  

Includes tools and techniques developed by Donna Eden, founder of Eden Energy Method.


ART WORKSHOPS by arrangement

What doesn't get expressed, gets swallowed and repressed.  This can cause physical and emotional pain, even illness over time. 

Art can give voice to, and be an eloquent expression of, our uniquely personal inner emotional landscape.

​In this workshop we focus on self-expression and having fun.  We connect with, and are guided by, our inner child allowing him/her expression using simple user-friendly art supplies. 
We listen carefully and give visual voice to what has been repressed and silenced for survival, often since childhood.


Our goal is to explore what we feel in our body, rather than interpret what we think we are feeling. 

The invitation is to express while feeling.  To recognize how an emotion feels in our body.  To bring it to consciousness and then let it go.

Emphasis during the workshop is on the process. Our visible drawings are the outcome of this outwardly invisible inner journey we undertake. 

You are encouraged to continue exploring the techniques and approaches you have learned after the workshop. 

When you feel ready, consider sharing your experience by hosting an Art Workshop yourself, inviting  family, friends, and/or community members to participate.  Pass it forward!

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