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WELCOME  to a glimpse into my world of healing.  You'll find details about private and group sessions I offer and personal client feedback experiences.   There is also information about  related workshops.

My greatest passion in life is to support and facilitate self-healing.  In my experience, we are all self-healing beings.  It is our nature. 

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I am an empath which means I am highly attuned to other people's energies .. physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

In my observation, we all have personal guides who oversee and care for us in our daily lives. 
I am blessed to be guided by numerous wise ancestral Beings, and The Grand Council who describe themselves as 1200 points of intelligence, love and light.

This powerful alliance is embodied in our healing session with my presence and support, informed by years of hands-on experience and a variety of formal trainings. 

I invite our collective guides into all sessions, private and group.

Your innate wisdom and natural healing intelligence completes this energetic team of support for a self-healing experience.


In my experience there is infinite time and space, with no separation, in this energy realm of connecting with your essence, who you Be.  Our connection is soul to soul.  We are the same One Love.  

External support such as allopathic medicines/surgery and alternative remedies/treatments can enhance our healing abilities and provide welcome assistance on our healing journey. 


These sessions ...

Help you deal with:

  • physical pain, chronic & short term  

  • stress, anxiety, PTSD, fear, anger

  • depression, grief, migraines,

  • chronic fatigue, MS, arthritis

 Support you with:

  • pre & post surgery and dental procedures

  • side affects from cancer treatment

  • recovery from one or more accidents

  • feeling overwhelmed, quieting the mind

"Tameer takes you on a journey of your own inner spaces towards deep releasing and balancing by connecting you with your own self healing energies on all the appropriate levels.
She is truly coming from the heart, bringing a gentle, compassionate and  loving energy into the play which makes you feel safe and utterly cared for."  
  KJ   Thailand

I have been offering heart-based healing support since 1999 in Canada, Hong Kong, USA, Europe, Australia and Thailand.        

Formal qualifications.  I am registered and certified as a CranioSacral Biodynamics therapist (BCST) and an
Eden Energy Medicine practitioner (EEM-CP).  I am also trained in Reiki, EFT, Quantum Touch, and Creative Visualization.
An avid self-educator, I constantly seek out new and related healing practices and information. 

A most recent addition is the use of Esogetics light wand and crystals.

My sessions and workshops combine spirit-guided intuition with gentle non-invasive professional therapies and life experience .. anchored in love, compassion, and being present to the moment.  

Group and Private sessions

In a typical session I connect with, hold, and contain a Cosmic energy field within which you are supported to utilize your divine ability and willingness to heal yourself.  

Universal healing energy is limitless.   Our bodies are miraculous self-healing systems.

The invitation is always to engage wherever you are in your process, and however you are ready to use your will for self-healing... to settle into a relaxed radical state of openness, acceptance, and attention to what is.

In my experience, we all know intuitively what is in need of healing in our bodies and exactly how that healing should proceed.   In these sessions we explore this process, trusting what is ..

Energy Healing Sessions


bamboo,water lilies


by appointment only

Energy Healing Sessions

by appointment

Sliding scale during COVID


90 min Int'l US$100. 

60 min Int'l US$85. 


GROUP   90 min
by donation

Public - profits

go to a local non-profit
Private - profits go
 to non-profit of your choice

I truly enjoy working with people (and animals) of all abilities, from newborn to elderly ... all issues welcome.  I bring extensive personal experience living and working with symptoms of autism and special needs.

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