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"Tameer’s approach is rare and truly special .. it is the result of a lifetime journey.   Her presence and compassion create a pure and ideal Healing environment.  She is extremely perceptive and aware, responding to all that the body presents in each moment.   I am also a Biodynamic Craniosacral practitioner.   I have benefited (and learned!) soo much from her sessions on a mental, emotional and a physical level.  After receiving a number of these sessions I feel much more integrated and whole.  Tameer is a wonderful person to be around .. loving, present,  fun, and generous!  Thank you for being you, Tameer!" S M  Italy


"Within a week after Tameer's treatments, my (4 yr old autistic) daughter's performance in school improved significantly.
She is now calmer, happier, gives more feedback and has better eye contact." 
W Y   Hong Kong     


"My neck is back to normal and I am shining brightly.   Again thank you for the wonderful session.   I felt peaceful and safe during the work.  I gained some valuable insights and started meditating every evening again and nourishing my heart more."  G S  Belgium

"I have had many healing sessions with Tameer over several years and each session has been unique and addressed the particular issue I had at the time.  Over the past year I went through an emotionally stressful time during the illness and death of my husband.  Tameer fed me spiritually, physically and emotionally, creating a safe place to grieve.  Instinctively I totally trust her, knowing that no matter what we discuss, she honors and never judges me.  Quite the opposite.  She is indeed a lover of people and transmits this in her sessions.
 At times when my body was contracted to the point of being painful, I have been able to totally relax and even sleep during a session.  I drop into what Tameer calls ”dynamic stillness” where my body and spirit feel total peace and where all true healing takes place
.  I highly recommend a session with Tameer."   
A J  Scotland

"Tameer understands very well how to “carry” you through a session, to listen to your body and “what it wants to do”, as she says.  There is never a judgement of anything that happens or comes up, you can simply BE with her.  Just lie down and be open for what has to be resolved this day.
Every time something new, unexpected happens.  Every time I feel so light and relieved afterwards.  I feel at peace with myself and really quiet.  I don’t feel like talking, as if I was listening to the things that are still happening in my body after the treatment.  I feel so blessed the whole day ..  every time. Thank you so much for being, and for your Love, Tameer
J D  Germany

"So far,  I have received more than 25 sessions over 5 years.  I have been working with body energies for more than 20, but I was not quite prepared for the unexpected results of Tameer’s Healing session.  First of all, every session feels different, going from physical to mental to emotional adjustments.  She gave me my first session after I had hit my head against a brick wall (literally).  My head adjusted really well, the black and blue marks disappeared quickly and I recovered remarkably fast from the light concussion.
As I work a lot with sick people, I make it a habit to get regular sessions with Tameer and after each session I feel refreshed and ready-to-go
C C  Belgium

"Tameer is gentle and her soft voice makes it easy to relax in the session.   We meet in presence and I feel very still, very quiet inside.  Over the past year we have had many sessions together.  I have noticed that I can concentrate and focus better now.   I can also connect to that inner stillness on my own now. I am uch more aware of my body .. more in tune with myself.   I can feel my energy moving.   With Tameer's support, old accident injuries and emotional traumas are healing.  I am learning how to relieve pain when it comes.
After a session I feel relaxed and my body feels more balanced.  I always enjoy our sessions and never know what to expect .. but it is always good and exciting!
  C S  Thailand

"I fell (off my motorcycle), on my head pretty badly...and who would have known that it was  going to be a blessing?  I had  two sessions with Tameer and I am planning another one before my return to Europe.   She is incredible in the sense that she  really listens to the body and with her so gentle and warm voice lets you know what is happening at the same time her hands are moving the energy.   After each treatment I felt very tired only to feel more and more in tune with myself over the next few days, not only on a physical level, but emotional and spiritual as well.   She has a gift to make you aware of what is going on inside you, and to bring out whatever needs to be worked on.  Thank you so much, Tameer S G  France

"I had a beautiful experience with Tameer.  She is knowledgeable and carries a genuine and compassionate approach to her work and life.  She has a wonderful way of facilitating and reminding us of our bodies own ability to go into deep healing states.   I would definitely recommend seeing her if you get a chance.  I felt a great sense of awareness and movement after the session.   Thank you so much for your beautiful presence.J N   USA

"Before receiving a session from Tameer, I was feeling tired, with a restless sleep.   During the session, I quickly felt good, very relaxed, at peace, and connected with my whole body.   I was aware that every part, every cell of my body is “alive”, trying its best to adjust all the time.  I felt deep compassion for it and respect.
A session with Tameer is very soft and deep at the same time.  Her presence during the session is just nice.   The next day, I slept very well, like a baby, and felt much more powerful, balanced, with energy.    I look forward to receiving more sessions.
C O  France


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